The Dallas ECCC is where kids at every age learn, play and grow with the support of community. Kids can start exploring their Eritrean heritage through the Dallas ECCCC Eritrean Studies Program. Children can also nurture newfound talents in art classes, build confidence and motor and build social skills on sports teams.

Tigrinya Language Classes

The Dallas ECCC provides weekly Tigrinya language classes to children in the Dallas Fort- Worth area ranging from ages 5-18. The classes consist of curriculum that challenges their reading, writing, and speaking skills in Tigrinya while proving a fun environment to learn.

Math Tutoring

Our math tutoring service partners with IntelliChoice led by Prof Gil Lee from the University of Texas at Dallas. Students receive weekly tutoring from tutors from UTD in various subjects ranging from Algebra, Geometry, to SAT Math assistance. For more information on IntelliChoice and the services they provide please visit their website below.



Coffee and Conversations

Coffee and Conversations is an educational seminar held by Hamade which shines a light on important topics that are affecting women in our community and raising awareness. These have consisted of Breast Cancer Awareness, Mental health and breaking the stigma behind the perception of various mental health disorders, and Nutrition and fitness education seminars. Each seminar includes a guest speaker like Dr. Bogale Aredo a Nutrition and Research Scientist.

Eritrean Studies Program

The Eritrean Studies Program is a program designed to provide Eritreans the basic knowledge on Eritrean topics. The program includes the study of Eritrea’s history (Pre-colonial, colonial, post-colonial), demography (ethnic groups), culture (traditions), geography, economy, languages, religions and much more.


Eritrean Big Brother Big Sister Program

A youth mentorship program that partners young Eritrean adults and professionals with Eritrean youth. The Eritrean Big Brother Big Sister program links young Eritreans in high school with collegiate and professional Eritreans in the Dallas area. The program consists of mentors leading monthly workshops in a classroom setting, but also has an individual aspect assigning mentors to students to take an invested interest in mentoring them one-on-one. Another aim of the BBBS program is to expose the students to new and diverse experiences through volunteer work in the Dallas community. Through volunteering, the students gain leadership skills and a sense of responsibility that will further prepare them for their future professions.


A youth development program for Eritrean youth of Dallas. HIDRI aims to provide an environment where youth ages 14-17 can come together to reassert their identity, patriotism, and unity. HIDRI strives to educate Eritrean youth about their culture and dynamic history of Eritrea most of all assures the youth grow up to be young successful Eritreans.

Monthly Dinners and Meetings

To ensure a sense of community and to provide updates on any information and services to the community, the ECCC hosts monthly dinners and meetings.